Breaking Down Silos in the Healthcare Industry Using Design Thinking

“Our clients in the healthcare industry want to build lifelong relationships with patients, empower them to live healthy lives, and improve the quality of care; however, the various departments and offices within their organizations are siloed, making it difficult to innovate. A design thinking approach has helped break down organizational walls through empathetic, cross-functional collaboration.

Throughout our session, we will:

• Tell personal stories about challenges we’ve faced when working with clients in the healthcare industry
• Talk about what we’ve discovered during user research and stakeholder sessions
• Explain how we empathize with users and use storytelling to communicate our ideas
• Describe how we use testing to continually improve online experiences

We will describe how we help our healthcare clients focus on the entire ecosystem, rather than just the areas in which they work. Our design thinking process fosters collaborative, innovative environments and considers impacts on communities.

To do this, we involve various departments and people of different demographics in the redesign process. When experiences are designed in silos, through the lens of a single group within the organization, usability issues and barriers are only moved to different locations in the experience. By removing silos, we can think about the healthcare ecosystem and experience holistically across the enterprise to create better wellness outcomes.

We will provide actionable takeaways for how to think about problems holistically across the value chain to create services and experiences that are truly transformative.”