Designing Connected Content: A Workshop

Digital products are merely a vehicle through which to share content. Whether the content is products for sale, digital media, news, scientific invention, and more. But many teams struggle with how to move the user through this content because often the actual content is considered last in the design and development processes.

This workshop isn’t your usual content strategy workshop. You won’t learn how to craft a story or how to make UX copy better. But you will learn how to use content as design material.

“Design is the method of putting form and content together.” — Paul Rand

When we start with context and give structure to the content, we create multiple windows into a world. We can create a platform that allows us to share content through multiple devices, regardless of screen size or non-screen experiences. By flipping the process to content first, the structure comes first so we can work in layers to make interface designs that help people make better sense of the content.

In this workshop, we’ll explore how to use a content model to design content and multiple interfaces. We’ll work at the intersection of information architecture, content strategy, experience, and interface design to create an experience that meets customer needs and business goals.