Governing Conflict in Your Design System. Build it Faster without Wanting to Kill Each Other.

“There’s no way around it — any design system project comes with disagreement and spirited debate. Because a design system serves not just many products, but also many stakeholders, from designers and engineers, to marketers and content strategists. Each product team and each discipline brings a unique set of goals and perspectives, and often they’re at odds. These disagreements, if left unresolved, can K.O. your design system before it even gets started. I know, because it’s happened to me.

The good news is — it doesn’t need to be this hard. Through my successes and failures building design systems, I’ve uncovered some strategies you can use to keep your team moving forward in harmony. You’ll leave this talk with an understanding of the following:

– How to document governance processes to help your team answer the most polarizing questions surrounding design systems, such as when to use an existing component vs create a new component.

– How to involve stakeholders across your organization, without stalling your design system or falling victim to design by committee.

– How to define your design system team’s roles and responsibilities, as well as how others can contribute to the system.”