Daphne Bourne

@ Capital One

My accent might fool you, as I’m a dual American/Australian citizen who is passionate about facilitating effective collaboration at the intersection of design, business, and technology. My role as Design Practice Manager at Capital One is to enable design teams to focus on solving real customer problems while maintaining quality and customer-centric design rigor in a fast-paced digital delivery environment. I coach design teams on everything from more effective ways of working with their partners in product and technology teams to implementing full-scale Agile transformations.

Hailing from digital production, I’ve found myself drinking from the human-centered-design Kool-aid after 15 years of working in design and UX in Sydney Australia; both agency side and within large blue-chip companies such as Westpac Bank and Ferrier Hodgson. I am now proud to be a contributing member of the UX and budding DesignOps communities in both Sydney, Australia, and New York City.