Vidhika Bansal

Vidhika Bansal

UX Research & Strategy Lead @ CARFAX

Vidhika firmly believes that design is about people first, and technology second. She’s a tireless advocate for data-informed design (not to be confused with data-driven design), being content-first, and using behavioral science to fuel better product and service experiences.

Over the last decade, she has helped shape brand, product, and design strategies for clients such as Hilton, 23andMe, Old Navy, Facebook, PwC, the CFPB, and C-SPAN. Now, she aligns cross-functional teams in-house to build B2B and B2C solutions that meet both business goals and people’s real, often unarticulated needs. 

When she’s not researching or designing, she can be found giving in to her insatiable sweet tooth, reading endless articles, globetrotting, or discovering her new favorite song.